About Offshore Wind Hub

Offshore wind has the potential to provide a significant share of many states' electricity. But, in order to effectively take advantage of this potential, the public and private sectors must engage in steep cross-disciplinary learning and innovation. The Offshore Wind Hub is designed to make that learning easier and more efficient by providing open access to a wide range of documents related to offshore wind policy, technology, economics, and siting. The current focus is on the Atlantic Coast, but other regions will be added over time. The Offshore Wind Hub includes available information organized state-by-state. You can also search for documents by topic or key words. [Note that, because we are in the process of updating the listings, some state listings are more current than others.]


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The Business Network for offshore Wind (www.offshorewindus.org) took over responsibility for the content and technical maintenance of the Offshore Wind Hub in October 2019. They will continue to manage the site and compile information on state documents and activities.

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UMass Wind Energy Center, and UMass O2RE took over responsibility for the content and technical maintenance of the Offshore Wind Hub in late 2018 through September 2019.


The Offshore Wind Hub was maintained and supported until late 2018 by the Northeast Wind Resource Center.


The Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative was a partner organization of the Northeast Wind Resource Center and was responsible for programming.


The Origins of the Offshore Wind Hub

The US Offshore Wind Collaborative, under the leadership of Executive Director Fara Courtney, developed the idea for the Offshore Wind Hub. Courtney and her staff, working with an advisory committee, produced an initial version of the website in 2012. The current website follows the same approach but updates the information. Funding for the initial research and website development came from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

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The US Department of Energy then provided a major share of bridge funding through its support of regional wind energy resource centers to keep the site operational following its initial development.

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