Offshore Wind Basics

Other Offshore Wind Resources


Here is a list of some other information sources about offshore wind in the United States:


The Offshore Wind Accelerator Project (OWAP)

The Offshore Wind Accelerator Project (OWAP) is a project of Clean Energy Group, which also manages the NWRC. OWAP’s mission is to support cooperation and leadership between states, federal agencies, industry, local communities, and environmental organizations to advance responsible offshore wind development. The OAWP web page features  OWAP reports, newsletter archives, webinar archives, and more.



WINDExchange is the U.S. Department of Energy Wind Program’s platform for disseminating credible information about wind energy. The purpose of WINDExchange is to help communities weigh the benefits and costs of wind energy, understand the deployment process, and make wind development decisions supported by the best available information. The WindExchange program coordinates the development of the six regional wind energy resource centers across the country.


Bureau of Ocean Energy Management - Offshore Wind Energy The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is the federal agency responsible for permitting offshore wind projects. This site provides a basic introduction to all aspects of offshore wind energy production. Included are introductions to wind energy potential, how a wind turbine works, and the environmental considerations given to an offshore wind project.


National Offshore Wind Strategy

The Department of the Interior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy collaborated to release this 2011 report on how to create an offshore wind energy industry in the US. The 52 page report provides an overview of the issues that need to be addressed for a national industry to become viable, including permitting processes, environmental risks, and technology available to be utilized. Areas for potential advancement by the federal government are identified.


Assessment of Offshore Wind Energy Resources for the United States

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory performed an assessment of the offshore wind resources for the continental United States. The resulting 2010 technical report provides maps of average wind speeds off the coast of the United States, and tables showing the speeds at a variety of heights and water depths. All coasts of the continental US are including, including the Great Lakes.


Offshore 90-Meter Wind Maps and Wind Resource Potential

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory provides this map, showing the offshore wind potential for the continental United States. The average wind speeds mapped out are at 90 meters above sea level.


Offshore Wind Technology Overview

A staff member of the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy produced a 2011 presentation that gave an overview of offshore wind power generation. The presentation provides information and pictures explaining the technology used in production and transmission of offshore wind energy. Additionally, the overall cost and production of offshore wind turbine projects is explained.


Offshore Wind Research and Development

DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy provides this interactive map, highlighting the offshore wind production and research projects being done nationwide. The map shows the location of projects, the headquarters of the developers, and locations where research is being done on offshore wind. Additionally, information on each project is included, such as cost, grants awarded, focus of research, and production goals. The map is updated as relevant.