S.P. 110: An Act To Promote Tidal Energy Projects

Presented by Senator BURNS of Washington
Cosponsored by Representative MAKER of Calais and Senators: COLLINS of York, DAVIS of Piscataquis, HAMPER of Oxford, LANGLEY of Hancock, SAVIELLO of Franklin, Representatives: DeCHANT of Bath, HOBBINS of Saco, TUELL of East Machias

Renewable Energy credits for offshore wind projects. This bill expands the definition of "tidal energy demonstration project" under the  aws governing general permits for tidal energy demonstration projects to cover so-called tidal range projects, which extract energy from the differential head across a marine  enclosure. The bill further directs the Public Utilities Commission to conduct an additional competitive solicitation of proposals for tidal energy demonstration projects  and increases the allowed capacity derived from tidal energy demonstration projects to 30  megawatts and total allowed capacity contracted for by the commission to 45 megawatts. The bill also allows utilities to enter into long term contracts for deepwater offshore wind.



Publication Date: 
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
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