Massachusetts Utilities File Revised RFP for 400 MW of Offshore Wind Energy Generation

Unitil, National Grid and Eversource Energy
Keegan Werlin LLP

Unitil, National Grid and Eversource Energy are seeking to procure a total of 400 MW of offshore wind energy generation. This solicitation also allows bidders to offer proposals for up to approximately 800 MW, and the companies will consider procuring up to approximately 800 MW if the Evaluation Team determines that a larger-scaled proposal is both superior to other proposals submitted in response to this RFP and is likely to produce significantly more economic net benefits to ratepayers based on the evaluation criteria set forth in this RFP. To support development of the offshore wind energy market, the companies are seeking proposals that include expandable, nondiscriminatory, open-access offshore transmission facilities for the efficient delivery of their power to the Onshore Transmission System.

This revised RFP addresses the definition of "Offshore Delivery Facilities" as well as spelling, grammar, and spacing issues.

Publication Date: 
Friday, May 5, 2017
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