Delaware Establishes Offshore Wind Working Group

State of Delaware
State of Delaware
Delaware Governor John Carney on August 28, 2017 signed an executive order establishing the Offshore Wind Working Group to study potential environmental and economic development benefits of offshore wind development to serve Delaware.
The working group will begin meeting in September and will review economic opportunities and environmental benefits of offshore wind development, and the costs and benefits of developing offshore wind. Working group members also will review laws and regulations governing the development of renewable energy, and recommend changes. Additionally, they will identify barriers and opportunities involved in developing offshore wind to benefit Delawareans.
By December 15, 2017, the working group will submit a report to the Governor that makes recommendations on short- and long-term strategies for developing wind power to serve Delaware, and plans to develop job opportunities in the offshore wind industry. The group also will draft any necessary legislation, including possible amendments to Delaware’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act.
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Monday, August 28, 2017
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