Massachusetts Offshore Wind Ports and Infrastructure Assessment

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
In order to maximize economic development opportunities in Massachusetts associated with the emerging offshore wind industry, MassCEC has completed the Massachusetts Offshore Wind Ports & Infrastructure Assessment to identify and assess additional waterfront sites in the Commonwealth that may be available for private investment by the offshore wind industry. 
While three offshore wind developers with leases in waters south of Martha’s Vineyard have committed to using the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal as the primary area for the staging, assembly and deployment of turbine components, the offshore wind industry has identified additional activities, including the construction and staging of foundations, manufacturing of components, and long-term operations and maintenance facilities, that may require secondary locations.  With that in mind, MassCEC has identified a number of waterfront properties in Massachusetts that could be acquired and potentially improved through private investment to become suitable facilities for a number of offshore wind activities.  MassCEC’s main objective for this assessment is to provide detailed property information to guide the offshore wind industry in their decision-making process when selecting sites to manufacture, stage and service offshore wind components for the offshore wind market in Massachusetts and along the East Coast. 
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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