A Reference Open-Source Controller for Fixed and Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

Nikhar J. Abbas, Daniel S. Zalkind, Lucy Pao, and Alan Wright

This paper describes the development of a new reference controller framework for fixed and floating offshore wind turbines that greatly facilitates controller tuning and represents standard industry practices. The reference wind turbine controllers that are most commonly cited in the literature have been developed to work with specific reference wind turbines. Although these controllers have provided standard control functionalities, they are often not easy to modify for use on other 5 turbines, so it has been challenging for researchers to run representative, fully dynamic simulations of other wind turbine designs. The Reference Open-Source Controller (ROSCO) has been developed to provide a modular reference wind turbine controller that represents industry standards and performs comparably to or better than existing reference controllers.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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