Analysis of Effects of Wind Turbine Generator Pile Array for the Alternative Site of the Cape Wind Energy Project

Cape Wind Associates, LLC
Applied Science Associates, Inc. (ASA)

The report estimated expected changes in waves and currents from the placement of the wind turbine facilty pile array both at the primary site at Horseshoe Shoal and the alternative site southwest of Tuckernuck Island. Analysis of one month (December 2003) of wave data (wave height, wave period, and water depth) was performed. The report concluded there is no anticipated wake interaction among the piles as pile spacing is greater than five pile diameters. Analysis of scour around quad caisson configuration indicated that only 0.23 % of the area of the wind farm was potentially affected (by equivalent monopile pile diameter approach). Comparison of the proposed quad caisson design and laboratory outcomes suggested there may be an increased scour effect of approximately 20% over single pile results.

Publication Date: 
Friday, August 18, 2006
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