Ocean/Wind Power Ecological Baseline Studies Final Report, Volume I: Overview, Summary, and Application

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Office of Science
Geo-Marine, Inc. (GMI)

The scope of work includes the collection of data on the distribution, abundance and migratory patterns of avian, marine mammal, sea turtle and other species in the study area over a 24-month period. Data were compiled and entered into digital format and geographic information system (GIS)-compatible electronic files. The study area borders a barrier island chain along part of the New Jersey shorelin, and encompasses approximately 4,665 square kilometers. Those portions of the study area that are more or less suitable for wind/alternative energy power facilities were determined based on potential ecological impact using predictive modeling, mapping, and environmental assessment methodologies. The majority of the areas with highest ecological values were located along the coast, especially near Brigantine and north, as well as the southern extents of the study area. Several areas with high values were associated with shoal areas. The lower values were found primarily in the middle to northern sections of the study area that were farthest from shore.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010
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