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Parties in the State of Maine have been actively pursuing floating offshore wind since the pass of the Ocean Energy Legislation in 2009. Because of the depth of the waters in the Gulf of Maine floating wind technology appears to be most applicable. A number of projects have been considered in the state. At one time there were 2 demonstration projects proposed in state and being considered By the US Dept. of Energy for funding, one by Statoil and another by Maine Aqua Ventus. In 2013 Statoil terminated their project. In 2014 the DOE provided additional research and engineering funding to Aqua Ventus for further design development. At this time, there are no current offshore wind activities.

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State Resources

Title Source/Sponsor Datesort ascending
A Climate Action Plan for Maine 2004- Appendices Maine Legislature Dec 1 2004
An Act to Provide Leadership in Addressing the Threat of Climate Change [P.L. Chapter 237, 121st Legislature, First Regular Session, H.P. 622, L.D. 845] Maine Legislature May 21 2003
Interactive Map of Demonstration Sites Maine Department of Conservation (DOC)
Maine Coastal Atlas Maine State Planning Office (SPO); Maine Coastal Program (MCP)
Maine Wind Industry Supply Chain Database Maine Wind Industry Initiative (MWII)
Maine- Incentives/Policies for Renewables & Efficiency Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)
Northeast Ocean Data Portal Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC)